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Since 2011 The Ticino Management design team have been specializing in modern residential homebuilding with a focus on Los Angeles single-family homes that not only enhance and beautify the neighborhoods in which they’re built but offer the owners premiere energy efficiency. Ticino Management developers take a thoughtful approach to both home design and unparalleled comfort. Brown and team believe your home should be a reflection of your own modern style and creativity.

Ticino- an All New Approach

Considered by critics as one of  Los Angeles most modern home designers-

The housing market in southern California is ski rocketing. Single-family home sales have soared to their highest level since 2007. Ticino Management home design and development team delivers what the new generation of modern upwardly mobile Americans want in new homes and much more.

Contemporary Modern Homes

The Ticino Management vision consistently delivers  Contemporary and Modern homes  that cover a wide range of floor plans. A Ticino built home appeals the millennium minimalist lifestyle with a focus on galvanizing the Generation  Z, demographic.


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